boneyard sale
Aluminum plate drops in 6061, MIC-6 and ATP-5 cast plate 1/4" to 2" thick, in any length. Up to 95% off.
Includes all drop sizes 12" width or less, at cheaper than dirt prices:
0-100 lbs. -$1.90/lb. • 101-500 lbs. • $1.80/lb. 501-1000 lbs. • $1.70/lb. • 1k or more lbs? Call us!

UHMW, Acetal, PVC, Polycarbonate, Nylon, ABS, HDPE/Polycarb plate from 60¢ a pound.
Any thickness, widths up to 24". Not all widths are available in all plastics.

Please note: Minimum order is $40.

Easy Ordering
Get a fast quote online or call 1-800-531-3434

  • Kalamazoo 800-531-3434
  • Toledo 800-537-4057
  • Dayton 888-860-0191

Same-day customer pickup and shipping

  • Sizes are available as listed.
  • All Drops and overstock are subject to prior sale.
  • All Drops and overstock are sold in "as is" condition.
  • All lists of parts on this page are sorted by weight per foot.
  • The minimum order is $25 for pickup and $40 for delivery.
  • Daily shipments from Kalamazoo, Dayton & Toledo
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